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The #1 Productivity App For Solopreneurs

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Designed for solopreneurs to encourage a more fulfilling balance between life, work, family, and community. Paras is a more holistic solution to productivity and more than just a simple reminder app.

Top 5 Benefits Of Paras

Task Management can be difficult. We all know what it’s like to stare down the barrel of an overloaded task list. Too much clutter. Too many lists. Not enough focus. Not enough balance, and as a solopreneur, balance is essential.

Balance is the key to happiness, which is why Paras, the most advanced task manager and productivity app to date, was designed from the ground up to help you lead a more holistic, balanced lifestyle. Here are the top five benefits of Paras!

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1. Create Harmony

The more equally you divide yourself between your friends, family, work, and community, the more fulfilled you’ll feel.

Paras helps you do that by functioning as an advanced to-do-list, tracking your to-dos in each category, each represented by a distinct color. The four-color ring around your profile picture shows how your next two weeks look. 

2. Keep Promises

Accountability is key, and Paras helps you stay on top of it. Know when you and your teammates are keeping promises, and see when there’s a bit of trouble getting things done.

Paras features an a.i powered scheduler,  making it more than just your run-of-the-mill task scheduler. As you schedule a task, Paras tells you the probability of completing it. This timely information helps you and your teammates make promises that can be kept, making Paras a productivity app based on accountability.

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3. Organize Your Focus

Filter out the fundamental. Focus on the elemental. Paras has a robust organization system: lists, tags, sublists, and everything you need to get things where they need to be.

The built-in artificial intelligence automatically creates your thing-to-do for today, so you don’t have to. No prioritization and no estimation needed.

4. Overcome Procrastination

Paras works on deadlines. Setting a deadline forces a subconscious reappraisal of the work, where we might find that the actual task sets off fewer triggers to put the thing off than we originally anticipated.

A continuous reminder in shape of late messages along with Promise Kept measurement encourages you to complete the task.Task management made simple!

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5. Delegate Like A Pro

Paras makes it super easy to collaborate with others, giving you powerful tools to monitor progress, share feedback, and encourage success.

Paras comes with a powerful workflow that allows you to delegate a to-do without losing control and get a task done without micromanaging others.

Clarify a task using built-in chat. Rate the performance and send compliments for the task well done!

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What’s in the name

Paras is a magical stone that turns everything it touches into gold!

We promise that Paras will help you get organized and accomplish more. In return, we request that you make a commitment to improving yourself. Start by downloading Paras. I’ts free!

"With Paras I'm able to keep a tab on all my to-dos. It even let other people know if I'm running behind!"

– James Hu

Download… It’s Free!

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